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Our Activities

We have many activities planned for this year including the ones below. The activities listed below are just examples of the activities below. Check back on the homepage under upcoming events to see what is planned for the coming month. 

     Weekly Meetings

Every week on Friday at 8 p.m we have our weekly meeting to increase our knowledge and brotherhood. The weekly meeting is extremely important fore this scope. Currently we are taking Quranic passages from the PDP and a Hadith from 40 Hadith Nawawi and we are discussing them.

     ICNA Convention

Every year we try to attend the convention hosted by the Islamic Circle of North America. At this convention we try to promote brotherhood by meeting other brothers in YM in various cities around the nation. Usually YM National also has it's own parallel sessions which we try to attend.

     YM Regional Summer Camp

This is the time of the year when brothers from our region get together to increase our Islamic knowledge and brotherhood. Keep checking back at our site for more details as they are announced.

     Brotherhood Builders

We also try to build brotherhood by doing sports activities such as basketball, football, and soccer. We also go paintballing and sometimes go to sporting events. The focus of this is to try and get to know our brother better by spending time with them and just get to know them better.

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